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Kim Lavigne assists you with social media management and content creation. She can manage your FaceBook/Twitter/YouTube/Google+ Pinterest/Foursquare/LinkedIn and more.


Kim Lavigne also teaches social media at workshops and can be contacted to speak at your event.

She and her husband Frederick also do Video Editing/Audio Editing/Graphic Design/Songwriting/Music Composing and session work in their recording studio.

They started out creating music and selling it online, by using Social media. They were running a performance arts school in Toronto, Canada, doing many things such as editing and capturing HD video and audio for a Toronto based TV show on Rogers, and making music videos for students and bands who came into the school. After a short while, they saw a need to help musicians to sell their music online. It didn’t take long to see there was need in this market to get help with social media and production, so here they are to help!

289_24032220364_7285_n Kim and her husband Frederick have been happily married for 5 years and have a cat named Harmony.

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