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by Kim Lavigne on April 16, 2013


My friends,

I have been a long time reader of http://dukeo.com and thought I would share this site with you. Stephane Kerwer other wise known as “Ste” is the writer of this blog.

He shares that his “main goal with Dukeo is to show that these days you can still reach high success when starting making money online from scratch if you put enough effort in it and take the necessary steps.”

He definitely achieves this and more! His site is a constant source of great information about blogging, and as an aspiring blogger every bit of the information he shares is useful which I absolutely love! I have greatly improved my own blog due to his information, and appreciate his site greatly! He has achieved an extremely user friendly look to his site, and a huge following.

Making money with your blog is a hot topic, one which Ste helps you achieve in quite an easy way…I continually go there to get more info on how to improve my own blog.

In fact the only thing I don’t love about the site, is that he generates so much content, that I couldn’t possibly have time to read it all!

Currently he is having a contest for reviews on his site for a grand prize of $1000!! You can take part in this contest too as I have here: http://dukeo.com/review-contest-reloaded/

If you are looking for great content information about how to promote, make money with, or improve your blog, I highly recommend that you sign up for his updates!

Drop by my fanpage and let me know what you thought/think of www.dukeo.com and let me know if you participated in his review contest! Perhaps you’ll be the winner!

With love,


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Kim Lavigne April 21, 2013 at 2:50 pm

Thanks so much Robert! Hope you do as well!


Kim Lavigne April 28, 2013 at 2:17 pm

Thanks so much Ste! An awesome blog you have!


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